Telling a child "The Story of Evolution"

The Story of Evolution

Once upon a time, (a few hundred million years ago), there lived a little one-celled animal called "Amoeba".  No one really knew where Amoeba had come from. They say his Fairy God-Mother named "Mutation" had created him. Certainly he could not have come from God, because after all, atheists must disbelieve in God as a matter of religious faith.  No, the Fairy God-Mother named "Mutation" must have waved her magic wand and "poof!", Amoeba came into existence.

Nevertheless, this little Amoeba was very lonely.  He had no friends to play with.  Amoeba also did not have any arms or legs, so he had to stay home all day just floating around in the water.  How boring!

One day, Amoeba decided what he would do to make his life more interesting.  He would ask his Fairy God-Mother named Mutation to wave her magic wand over him!  Yes, Amoeba would become a fish!  So, Amoeba asked Mutation, and she waved her magic wand over Amoeba.  "Poof!"  Amoeba pushed out in all directions!  Now he had fins and scales and now - now he could swim!

Still, this little fish was not happy.  Amoeba could only stay home in the water and still did not have any arms or legs and could not walk.  Amoeba swam back and forth wondering what he should do.  Why of course!  He would ask Mutation to wave her magic wand once again.

Amoeba asked Mutation, and she waved her wand again.  "Poof!"  Amoeba was now a salamander!  Now he could venture out of the water! And so, he did!  He played on the sand at the beach.  "Thank you!", he said to his Fairy God-Mother.  (Amoeba could not thank God, because, after all, he was an atheist, and atheists must always disbelieve in God.  No, he must thank his "Fairy God-Mother" instead.)

Still, this little salamander was not happy.  He could not run around for long on the ground, but was told that he had to stay near his home in the water.  He wondered what he would do.  Why, of course!  He would ask his Fairy God-Mother, Mutation to wave her wand.

He asked Mutation, and she waved her wand again over Amoeba.  Then..."Poof!"   He became a lizard!  Now he could walk around a lot on the ground.  Still, he was not happy.  It was not much of an improvement he thought from being a salamander.  "Couldn't you please give me a 'free upgrade'?", Amoeba begged Mutation.  "I want to be  a mammal!"

Mutation, the Fairly God-Mother, listened to Amoeba's request.  She thought that this seemed reasonable, so she waved her wand again over Amoeba.  "Poof!" Amoeba was now a mouse!

You would have thought that Amoeba would now be happy, but he wasn't happy.  No, he wanted another "upgrade".  This time he wanted to be a "higher mammal".  He wanted to be a Monkey!  Well, Mutation wasn't amused.  She thought to herself that Amoeba might want even more: to one day become a Human.  Amoeba insisted that this was not true.  No, he only wanted to become a monkey.

Well, the wand was lifted again and "poof!"  Amoeba was now a monkey!  Amoeba swung from the trees and had a good time.  But, after a while, Amoeba became bored.  He could run around, and even swing, but he could not stand erect.  No, Amoeba wanted to become a Man.

Well, Mutation was not too happy when Amoeba came and asked her if he could be turned into a man.  Mutation said, "What?  I thought you said you did not want to become a man."

Well, Amoeba said that he really did, so Mutation waved her magic wand and "poof!"  Amoeba became a Man!  He still needed a friend to play with, so he asked Mutation and "poof" Amoeba made a Woman to be his friend.  She become his wife, and they all lived happily ever after.

The End

Wasn't this a strange story?  Wasn't this "Fairy Tale" called "The Story of Evolution" pretty wild?  Well actually, the Story of Evolution taught to most children at school is even wilder.

In the "Grown-up Version" of this Fairy Tale, the Fairy God-Mother named Mutation becomes a "Gradual Scientific Process", a process never actually seen in this whole world, but still strongly believed as a matter of pure religious faith by "Scientists".  Scientists, after all, are never wrong!  "The Scientist says it.  They believe it.  That settles it."  With such great faith, Evolution must be true, right?

The "blind religious faith" of such atheist scientists is even stronger than this.  Not only must they believe the Story of Evolution without any actual scientific evidence to support it, but they must also exercise even more religious faith by rejecting the large amount of scientific evidence they already know stands against it.  It sure is hard being an evolutionary atheist, but many men and women do so anyway.

As an example of the kind of evidence that evolutionists must reject in order to hold on to their Story of Evolution, there is a vast amount of fossil evidence that points, not to evolution, but to the Flood of Noah's Day as being a better explanation for the fossil record.

There are millions of fossils in the world.  The many, many "evolutionary gaps" or "missing links" in the fossil record continue to exist, even though the number of fossils collected keeps ever increasing year after year, and decade after decade.  The only explanation that many evolutionists now have for these numerous "gaps" is the "poof!" theory, that a fish suddenly became a salamander or some such thing.  Its the "magic wand" scientific theory of evolution.

Another point to consider, is the vast amount of world-wide geologic evidence pointing to the flood of Noah's Day as being a real geologic event and not a "Story", like the "Story of Evolution".  This vast amount of evidence also points to this flood event as occurring only a few thousand years ago, just as the Bible has said all along.  Frankly, the evidence world-wide is heavily on the side of the Bible, and heavily against The Story of Evolution.

Do you believe in Fairy Tales?  Do you believe that you evolved over countless eons "through natural evolutionary processes" from an Amoeba into a Man?  Do you believe that this Amoeba suddenly appeared, all by itself, without a creator?  Do you disbelieve in God?  Are you instead a "believer" in Evolutionary Religious Dogma?

The Bible says that the atheist is a "fool".  The atheist who wants to believe in "The Story of Evolution" rather than the plain account provided for us in the Bible, is a fool because he or she must reject all of the evidence that the Bible is true.

Nevertheless, the Bible is indeed true.  Every word of it is true.  Men and women who hate God and love sin have tried for centuries to find even one single mistake in the Bible.  They make such attempts at finding such a mistake every time for the same reason: they want to discredit the Bible, and live a life of sin and rebellion against God.

The Bible says, "...let God be true, but every man a liar..." (Romans 3:4).  You are a liar.  You have committed other sins as well as lying.  You have stolen.  You have rejected the authority of God's Word, the Bible.  You have had lustful thoughts, and may even have committed immoral acts as well.  You have done many, many sins.  You are a sinner.

One day God will judge you for your sin.  God will judge your sin at the Great White Throne Judgment.  After your sins are read out by God, you will then be cast into Hell, the Lake of Fire, to pay for your sins there for all Eternity.  You will burn there in Hell, night and day, forever and ever.  Is that what you what?

God does not want to send you to Hell.  He must, however, judge your sins, because God is Just and Holy.  God has provided you with one, and only one, plan of escape.  God sent His Son, Jesus, to die for you on a Cross to pay for your sins.  Jesus died, was buried, and rose again from the grave.  Jesus is up in Heaven right now, praying for you to come to Him so that He can forgive your sins.

Turn from your sins.  Come to Jesus and He will cover your sins with His blood.  You will find peace in your soul with Jesus -- peace that you do not have now.  You will go to Heaven forever instead of being cast into Hell.  Isn't Heaven what you really want?

Therefore, come to Jesus today and have Him forgive your sins. Then get into a Fundamentalist Baptist church and live for Jesus and the Bible.  You will never regret it.  God bless you as do it!